1 week already!

We have been open for a week already! How did that happen?

Although there have been no orders thus far, I cannot believe how time consuming this new project has been this week - I have spent and inordinate amount of time on Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Search Console (none of which I have any clue about or understanding of! - I followed the instructions, added what needed adding and hoped for the best! LOL) However, it seems as though it is paying off as the traffic to my site is steadily increasing - time well spent with any luck.

I have been busy profiling a different supplier each day and this has challenged not only my photography skills but my hash tagging skills as well! There are more to come and I will soon be doing a special Christmas day profile!!!

Making the website look professional has been a massive obsession this week. I want it to look trustworthy and appealing and so by adding a 'live chat' and 'rewards' scheme, I hope that it has helped it along a bit!

Hopefully things will continue to grow this week and I will see my first order - come on people, help me out!!!!

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