I qualified as a Secondary History Teacher in July 2008 after training in Plymouth, Devon. I loved everything about being a teacher; the subject, the students, my colleagues. However, after 12 years of teaching, a wedding, two children and several house moves, things had changed and so had I. I left my teaching position in 2019 and took some time out with my family. Something that we desperately needed and had struggled with over the years.

I needed to rediscover myself and find a career that excited me and ignited a passion in me that I had lost after 12 years of teaching. In February 2020 some friends moved to a new house that needed a lot of care and attention. They asked me to help so I put on my design hat, picked up my paintbrush and rediscovered my passion for colour and beautiful design. I had been looking for my 'thing'. I found it! I enrolled on a Professional Diploma in Interior Design accredited by the British College of Interior Design and set up my own design business, Lotus Interior Design.

My biggest interest in Interior Design is the discovery of new and exciting decor, fabric and accessories that bring joy to my client. After living in Plymouth and marrying a very proud Cornishman, I have adopted the South West as my second home and feel very emotionally attached to the area. I wanted to celebrate this and the people that make it such a special part of this country and my life! There are so many wonderful artisans, designers and crafters in the South West that are promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices and I feel that everyone should be able to bring a little piece of that into their homes!