Getting ready for Christmas!

How is it nearly November already? This year has absolutely flown by and we are only 8 weeks from Christmas!

That means just one thing at the moment - promoting Christmas items and prepping for my first Christmas shopping fair in two weeks! It has been years since I have done a Christmas craft fair (about 25 years ago with my late Grandma selling homemade beaded items and Christmas cards etc) - it seems like a lifetime ago. I have been thinking back to those days and trying to decide what products to take with me and how I am going to display them to their advantage. I was at an Autumn fair a few weeks ago and spent more time looking at the stalls displays than I did looking at the products!

I want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd so I ordered a wooden sign with my logo and info on, bought a small ladder shelf that is supposed to be a plant stand but will quite easily double up as a candle display and have spent the last week trying to work out how to display greetings cards using as little table space as possible! I want to take a good selection of products but don't want to overcrowd the table and make it look messy - it has to be curated well and be appealing to buyers - aaarrrrggghhh!!!! It is making my brain hurt!!!

So, on that note I am off to measure my dining table alongside the measurements of the table and the craft fair, hunt down baskets and crates and try to assemble my stall. My idea being that if I can get it perfect at home I can take photos so I know how to replicate it at the fair! Fingers crossed!!!

I'll upload photos when I am done!

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