Happy Valentines Day!

January, the longest month of the year, is finally over and we are heading full steam towards Valentines Day! It has been a busy start to the year as we have celebrated my daughters 8th birthday and then both children got clobbered by Covid! Neither of them had any symptoms and neither myself or my husband caught it but it meant nearly 2 weeks of isolation and limited time out for any of us! Thankfully they were fine and back to school happily.

Despite this start to the year at home, it has been fairly quiet for Loved by Lotus since Christmas but I am on the look out for some more fairs and markets to get involved in as we head towards spring and there will be various offers coming up over the next couple of months, including Mothers Day - watch this space!

As the shop calms down, I have been able to take some time designing again, so if you haven't checked out my Interior Design business, take a visit to Lotus Interior Design and check out my latest design concepts and projects.


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